Thinking of a second job? Writing for money may be for you

Freelance Writing in CanadaAre you thinking of taking on more work, but aren’t sure of what to do? If you have the necessary skills, writing for money from Canada may well be your answer.

There are many plus points to writing for money. Canada has plenty of openings for writers, but if you already have a day job, it’s likely that you will want to work from the comfort of your own home. This also has the bonus of allowing you to organise your hours as you wish; you may want to wait until you put your children to bed, and so have the peace and quiet you need, or you could do the bulk of your writing at the weekend. With other supplementary jobs, such as bar work, you will no doubt see less of your family and friends, and a physical job may make you constantly tired and affect you primary job.

You may wonder where the opportunities for writing for money exist. Well, Canada has many businesses in competition to feature highly in the results for search engines like google. They know that fresh, original content featured on their websites can help them achieve this. This content may be in the form of general articles, industry news or web copy that promotes their products and services.

Why write for Words of WorthMake money online writing in Canada

Lots of companies come to us at Words of Worth looking for this content. This means that we are always looking for writers in Canada to add to our team. We offer our writers regular contracts wherever we can, on a topic that suits their experience or interests. Contracts can be up to 30 pieces of content per month, and we offer our writers everything they need to complete it comfortably, including help from our editors in the form of feedback, advice, links and inspiration.

We also offer fixed rates of pay, and guarantee to pay our writers in full for completed contracts each month.

As our clients expect high standards of us, we expect high standards of our writers and reliability. If you are a native English speaker with excellent writing skills, we would love to hear from you. Check out our website for details on how to apply today.


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