Is making money from writing for you?

Like many things in life, writing seems easy to do, but is quite a challenge to become very proficient at. Where as some people harbor the desire to write a novel or screenplay, there are those who place great importance on making money from writing. Canada certainly is a country that provides many opportunities for such people.

This is mainly thanks to our insatiable appetite for content on the internet. As recent as 2010, there were close to 202 million domain names in existence, but basing that figure on host name data puts it nearer to a billion. All of these sites need something to publish and expand the number of people who visit them.

Content is vital to a business looking to succeed. Lots of businesses know that only professional – grade blogs, articles and news stories are enough to make their site stand out, and to propel them to the top of search engine results pages. That’s why many come to us at Words of Worth.

This means that we are always looking for new writers wishing to make money from writing to join our team. Canada has many freelance writers, but we’re looking for great writers. It’s essential not only to have top flight writing skills, but to be able to stay on target with a schedule and fully comprehend what an assignment demands.

In return, we can offer regular contracts of up to 80 pieces of work per calendar month, all the support and feedback you could ever need, fixed rates and a promise to pay for completed assignments on time.

If you have English as a first language and a desire to make money from writing in Canada, check out our FAQ page to give you an idea if you have the quality that we’re looking for.

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