Have what it takes to make your writing pay?

Being a scribe is an attractive profession – lots of people would like to make money from writing. Canada provides lots of opportunities for aspiring writers, but as always seems to be the way with such things, it is fraught with difficulty and frustration.

For a start, there is a lot of competition. If you’re looking to make money from writing, there are many other writers with pro – level spelling, grammar and punctuation all competing for the same dollar. Having formal experience – as a journalist, for example – can help a lot, but having the necessary determination and skills is half of the battle.

There is several ways to tout for business. One method that many experienced freelancers employ is to frequent bid sites. There is usually lots of work on offer, and you have the chance to upload your own profile, meaning that potential employers can seek you out. Due to the competition you will experience, however, you may inadvertently underprice your work. This would mean that it was costing you money to write. Depending on the site, your earnings will be available for people to see. This means that potential employers know that they have room drive you down, should you get wise and hike your rates.

Networking is also another effective method. The Canadian employment market values networking highly, so you may well end up with a contract or two from people you’re introduced to. However, if you’re just looking to supplement your income with a few pieces per month, you may find it hard to make new contacts or win contracts.

You could always consider writing for Words of Worth – we’re always keen to hear from native English speakers in Canada with excellent writing skills. We offer great rates and pride ourselves on paying our writers for all completed assignments dead on time. We offer full support to our team, and make sure each writer has the necessary resources to complete their contracts.

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