Want to know how to make money from writing in Canada?

Writers who are at the top of their game can prove to be a little infuriating for the rest of us. Whether it’s a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a successful script writer, or an author who effortlessly churns out bestsellers, they set the bar high for the rest of us. It’s forgivable to think that these talented few are the only ones who know how to make money from writing.

Canada has many talented writers, a lot of whom are still figuring out a way to boost their incomes through their work. As is the case, there are hard ways to do so, and not so hard ways. For example, you could choose to knock on the doors of the many film and production studios in Canada, with your Emmy worthy treatment for a TV show hand – but no means impossible way to be recognized, but tough. Alternatively, you could try out for us at Words of Worth.

We have a reputation of providing quality blogs, articles and web copy to clients across the world. To maintain this, we are always on the lookout for talented new writers to join our team. If you’re a great writer and a native English speaker, you could soon have a contract of anything between 10 and 80 articles per month. What’s more, If our clients are happy with your work, we’re happy for you do to it month after month.

Our editors are always on hand to give you assistance when you need it – whether it’s because you’re not sure of some of the finer points on an assignment, you need some resources, or even if the well of inspiration has run dry, we’re here to help you.

If you live in Canada and want to earn extra cash, it’s easy when you know how to – make money from writing with Words of Worth.

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