How to get paid for writing articles

Write for Money in CanadaWhen people decide they want to try and make money by being paid for writing articles, they sometimes don’t realise how much background work needs to be put into it before they can even put pen to paper, or – more accurately in the digital age – finger to keyboard.

How do you go about finding work? How long does it take to agree a topic, tone or word count? What happens if you write an article and the client doesn’t like it? All this and more needs to be taken into consideration if you’re serious about being a freelance writer.

By and large, this necessary but time-consuming process is not what writers enjoy doing. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could do it for you? What if you could simply get paid for writing articles without having to weigh up the amount you’re earning against the time that goes into the set-up process?


Make money freelance writing in Canada

Words of Worth makes your time worthwhile

At Words of Worth, we’re the ones who find clients and agree briefs with them. Once we’ve done this, we let our team of writers from all over the world work their magic, writing to a clear, agreed brief.

We offer you independence and flexibility, as you can write any time you like provided you stay on track with your work. You won’t be going it alone though, because our team of editors is on hand with friendly and helpful advice, no matter whether you’re just starting with us or have been around for years.


How to make money from writing in Canada?

Get paid for writing articles and develop your skills

If you write for us, not only will you benefit from Canadian dollar payments in your bank account when you expect them, but you’ll also pick up skills and writing styles that are transferable to other parts of your working and social life.

Thanks to the internet boom and the rise of social media, there have never been so many opportunities for writers to make money, and clever business owners know that high-quality written content is worth its weight in gold when it comes to search engine rankings and searchability. We have clients who have been with us for years and are confident of excellent, promptly delivered content every time. Likewise, we also have some long-standing writers who trust us to pay them on time every both and be on hand with our friendly, objective advice.

When you start off with us, we’ll put you on a fairly small volume of work and offer you full coaching until you’re comfortable with it. Once you’re au fait with it all, how much you take on is really up to you.

For a reliable way to get paid for writing articles, from a content delivery company with experience dating back to 2008, why not apply to be a writer with Words of Worth? Simply fill in the application form below, and have a go at writing just the sort of article we produce for our clients every day.


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