Boost your income – earn money writing online from Canada

It’s fair to say that most people who have ever attempted to write anything with a view to being paid for it have harbored the notion of writing a novel. No matter how good a writer you, are, it’s tough to do – apart from the time taken to research and write a book, having it accepted for publishing is a Herculean task. Even then, the odds of you pulling a J. K. Rowling are astronomical. Take heart, though – it is possible to earn money writing online if you live in Canada

It pays to cast your net wide when looking to earn some extra dollars from your hard work. There are plenty of places on the net to showcase your writing, whether it is writing news, submitting reviews of books or movies, or even just posting your musings on a personal blog. The trick is in being able to get paid.

If you are a new writer, it’s tempting to give away your work for free. You may do this to curry favor with an influential blogger, or just to get your work out there, but the time will come where you want to be rewarded for your efforts. Unfortunately, there are people who exist whose aim it is to exploit writers such as yourself. This could be done in a number of ways. They may demand free content before awarding a contract to you, only for you to never hear from them again. Another trick is to withhold payment until a certain threshold is reached regarding advertising revenue generated by your work. Alternatively, they may just not pay you and ignore your efforts to contact them.

At Words of Worth, we distance ourselves from such practices. We want to employ talented writers with English as their first language, so we understand that payment is important. We make sure to pay our writers every month for their completed contracts, and also reward our best writers with as much work as they can handle – often up to 80 articles per calendar month.

We’re proof that if you live in Canada, you can earn money writing online. Head over to our FAQ page and see if you have what it takes.

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