Is it easy to earn money writing articles from Canada?

On the face of it, the way to earn money writing articles from Canada for the web is pretty straightforward. You write it, you submit it, then you get paid for it. However, for any writer in Canada who aspires to be paid, the process soon reveals itself to be a little more complicated.

It boils down to how you connect with the people who need your articles. You may advertise yourself as a professional freelance writer via Facebook, Twitter, or even your own site, but this relies upon the ‘if you build it, they will come’ factor a little too much. When marketing their services on the net, many firms will outsource their content – even big name firms, with lots of resources to hand will trust their blogs to a professional copywriting firm rather than do it in-house.

Again, this makes it difficult for you, the would-be writer, so, the sensible step would be to approach a company that specialises in providing web copy. Given some of the dubious practices that occur on the net, finding a respectable one can involve some work.

At Words of Worth, we have a reputation not only for supplying great content to our clients, but with the respect with which we treat our writers. You could look forward to regular contracts of up to 80 blogs or articles per month, regular payment for completed assignments and all the resources and support from our editors that you may need. The best thing is that you can write in your spare time from the comfort of your own home.

We’re always seeking writers who want to earn money writing articles, and who live in Canada. If you’re a great writer with English as your first language and you can follow an assignment to the letter, we would love to hear from you.

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