Which browser should I use for writing online?

If you want to make money writing on the web, it really helps to be internet savvy, and part of that is making sure your choice of browser is the right one for you.

For us, Microsoft Edge is bottom of the pile for writers. One particularly annoying feature is that if you’re pasting URLs from Edge to Word to create a list of sources used, Microsoft will think it’s being clever by converting these into title tags. In truth, this is a puzzling feature – yes, it can be turned off, but why should you have to?

We’d go for Mozilla Firefox, with Google Chrome a close second. Chrome is great, but it can be a little too keen to nudge you towards Google features and agree to data sharing, whereas Firefox puts privacy front and centre. If you use an aging machine, it tends to perform a bit better too.

There are other options that take the fancy of some users. Opera is an attractive and stylish interface, but is perhaps better suited to gaming and “messing around” on the web than trying to work on it. Safari, meanwhile, can work seamlessly on a Mac, but isn’t the best choice on a PC.

You’ll soon get used to whatever browser you choose, but make sure it does some of the work for you. Taking a few moments to read its user guide can give you tips you’ll return to time and time again.

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