What makes good website content?

The internet provides businesses and not-for-profit groups with a powerful marketing tool, and taking full advantage of this opportunity may be a lot easier than you might think.

Lay a strong foundation

When taking on writing jobs, one of the most important parts of preparing website content is to do your research. Learn the facts about the topic you wish to discuss and highlight any you feel may catch and hold the reader’s interest. It’s a good idea to write to a specific target audience while also keeping in mind the secondary audience that may also read the piece.

Keep your readers engaged

Along with writing to a target audience, it’s important to not forget that people tend to have short attention spans, especially when reading online content. Many writers choose to accommodate for this by structuring their work like an inverted pyramid, with the most relevant information near the beginning of an article, filling in details and any “extras” later on.

Consider your sentence structure

Remembering again that attention spans online are often short, many writers opt to utilize short and snappy sentences. This is also important if the content will likely be viewed on a mobile device, as people will often simply skim a piece and move on if they can’t quickly find what they are looking for. Choose wording that is commonly issued by the public, and remember the likely literacy level of the reader you are addressing. Jargon may be used if the intended audience is a professional in the field or other subject matter expert, but it’s best avoided when addressing the ordinary reader.

Get active and provide examples

The use of active verbs tends to make a piece easier and more enjoyable to read. Including real-life examples can also make a piece more powerful. If possible, breaking an article into separate headings is a smart move, and adding links to other web pages and links that offer more details is also a good idea.

Audio-visual elements will also aid in making online content more engaging. This can take the form of photos, videos or even audio files.

Putting your new skills to work

By following a few simple techniques, a writer can craft online content that is both informative and enjoyable. Why not apply to Words of Worth so you can put your literary talents to work for you today?

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