Two great ways to write well on your phone

You’ve probably heard the fact that the average smartphone is far more powerful that the computers that navigated Apollo 11, but most of us use our phones for much more modest means.

If you’re a writer, having a smartphone in your pocket means that wherever inspiration hits you, you can start typing. It saves you having to carry a pen and notebook everywhere, and then typing up your notes into digital format.

Phones aren’t designed for professional writing in the way desktop computers are though, so here are some ways you can make yourself a more productive writer on the go:

1. Make use of autocorrect

We all have a story about sending someone a text only to find autocorrect has made a nonsensical or embarrassing change, but in truth, autocorrect gets a lot more right than it gets wrong.

It’s particularly useful if you have to keep repeating a long word like “ovoviviparous”. Gradually, your phone will learn that word and you’ll probably end up only having to type “ovo” before it suggests it.

2. Get a keyboard

A serious smartphone writer should consider getting a small, fold-up keyboard. This isn’t expensive, needn’t take up much space in your pocket or bag, and allows you to type in the traditional QWERTY format.

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