Tips for writing effective product descriptions

The e-commerce world is rapidly expanding, and it’s estimated that, in 2020 alone, more than two billion people made a purchase online. Well-written product descriptions can help a company to take full advantage of the opportunities presented in the virtual world, and preparing a description is a lot easier than you might think.

The importance of information

A well-crafted product description does more than just entice a potential buyer – it should give them the information they need to make a decision. According to a study, 20% of shoppers move on when these details are not provided, meaning a significant loss in sales.

Describe the benefits

When you prepare your piece, consider the product or service and what makes it special. If you were a consumer, what would attract your attention and make you want to buy? What benefits does the item supply that makes it stand apart from the competition?

Choose appropriate language

Language choice also plays an important role. Write to the target audience, keeping their likely literacy level in mind. Try to be engaging and catch their imagination, showing how the item or service will make their lives better. The use of mini-stories may also be helpful, providing real-world examples of the benefits.

Make it personal

One technique that may be helpful in converting readers to customers is to provide details that make them feel like a product was prepared with them in mind. This provides an opportunity to expand on benefits and features in a way that doesn’t make the reader feel like they are dealing with a pushy salesperson.

Be specific

When choosing words, it’s best to be specific and not general. For example, saying a fertilizer improves growth by 20 percent has more impact than saying it leads to improved growth. If you choose to use a superlative, justify it. Explain why it’s the best, the most advanced or easiest.

Keeping your content scannable helps to ensure it will be read through quickly. It can make a lot of sense to use bullet points to break up the information.

Consider adding sensory words

If possible, it’s often a wise move to incorporate sensory language, and this can be especially helpful when describing food products or services. Adjectives such as “ crisp”, “smooth” or even “chocolatey” can all prove very enticing.

Use reviews

If the company has an online presence that includes lots of positive reviews, take advantage of that. People are often influenced to buy based on the opinions of others, and this social proof may be a very strong motivator.

Check your work

The final step in writing product descriptions is to track their success. Monitor their conversion rate and other data to see how effective they are, and make any changes you feel will be helpful. This information may also be useful when preparing a piece in the future.

Put your new skills to work for you

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