The benefits of writing for Words of Worth, and why you should apply now

The global economy is in a state of flux, and in 2019, StatCan reported that almost 10% of workers in the country were participating in online “gig work”. This type of employment comes with several advantages, one of them being it makes it possible to earn money from home or anywhere else where there is a Wi-fi connection.

The advantages of working from home

Working at home can be a great fit for many people. Stay-at-home parents, students, retirees and anyone who would like to earn some extra income aside from their usual career may all find it a convenient option. They can set their hours around their own personal schedule, taking on as much or as little as they wish.

Is writing a good fit for you?

Many companies have chosen to take advantage of marketing opportunities that exist online by having written pieces prepared. Writers usually need to do at least some basic research before preparing their piece, and accuracy, proper grammar and word choice are all important.

To freelance or not to freelance

Freelancing is one option for those who wish to take advantage of the gig economy. Receiving these writing jobs comes with its own set of challenges, and many find they prefer to apply to an established company, as the work will be steady and reliable. That makes it easier to plan and budget.

Why choose Words of Worth?

At Words of Worth, we work with our customer base to supply them with articles that are engaging and interesting to read. We take great pride in providing our clients with professional-quality content, and our editors are in frequent contact with our writers, offering them feedback and tips to help their skills develop and grow while they earn money from home.

Another advantage to working for the company is that we assign briefs based upon what our writers each feel they can handle. They are welcome to request additional work or scale back a brief if needed, and if anyone has questions, they can submit them and receive a quick reply.

Join the team today!

Words of Worth continues to be one of the leading suppliers of high-quality blog posts, industry-specific news items and other online content to companies around the globe. We’re looking for Canada-based writers to make an immediate start, so if you are in the market for a new career or could simply use some extra spending money, why not submit an application to join the team today?

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