Happy Dictionary Day! Do you have one?

October 16th is Dictionary Day and a celebration of the most definitive book of them all, but in these days of Wikipedia and instant online definitions, how many of us still refer to a printed dictionary?

We think people need to preserve this habit, and here are three advantages of using a dictionary as a reference book.

1. Great discoveries by mistake

The fact that a dictionary lists all words in alphabetical order means you can often come across completely unrelated words by mistake. A dictionary might call this a “serendipitous” outcome, and if you look that word up, you might see “sericeous,” which means resembling silk, right next to it. Can you use that word in a sentence?

2. Not solely reliant on the web

The internet is a great resource for writing, but what if it goes down? With a printed dictionary on your desk, you never need to be lost for words, even if you lose your connection.

Also, it can also be beneficial to take a break from your screen occasionally and turn to something in a more traditional printed format.

3. A library-like environment

Finally, if you’re a writer, it’s simply a good thing to be surrounded by books. All the best writers like to read, and that includes reference books.

Take the time to thumb through a dictionary today, and lose yourself in a world of words!

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